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We all have more in common than we have in conflict

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We believe that all of us have more in common than we have in conflict. We have conversations with people from all walks of life, who do not appear to have much in common with us, and attempt to discover common ground.

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AC Fischer and Alexis Arralynn met on a podcast! They began as total strangers, and discovered a world in common. They are the founders of KingFischer Media, and hosts of When The Bough Breaks.

Our Latest Episode

Tiffany Olson reminds us that it's ok for women to feel sexual pleasure.

She shares how her own traumatic experiences led her to discover the importance of consent, and how we often misunderstand its value.

We chat about sexual discovery, rape culture, and what does/doesn't feel good sexually and emotionally.

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Upcoming Episode

Deborah Driggs shares her incredible story of going from Playboy covergirl and centerfold to business woman and inspiration.

Her story has so many ups and downs, it was almost unreal! She never misses an opportunity to be up, and is too driven to let bad fortune keep her down.

Episode release TBA. Thank you for your patience!

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